From Bangladesh to Italy to build the future

When and why did you leave your country?

In 2020, because my parents were old and there were six of us in the family, we couldn’t support ourselves. We didn’t eat well, my cousins told me there were opportunities in Libya as a tailor and they helped me to go there.

Where did you start your journey?


Which countries did you travel through?

Plane to Dubai, Egypt, Libya.

Why did you choose this country rather than another country?

First I thought I would learn Arabic to open a warehouse, I met many people in Libya but they wouldn’t pay me. Then I just thought I wanted to get out of Libya. A friend who lives in Rome helped me.

What was your principal difficulty once you arrived in the host country?

The difficulty to learn Italian.

Do you have a job?

I am working, doing an internship for four hours a day twice as a dishwasher and assistant cook.

Do you have local friends

Not yet, colleagues.

What do you like most in the host country?

Food, Italian pasta, Italians are good.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like talking to my family, to my mum.

I learn Italian or I watch tik tok to learn Italian.

App for italian verbs

App for english verbs

Facebook group for people from Bangladesh to learn italian

What do you want to do in host city?

I want to continue being a tailor but I haven’t found a good tailor’s shop for me in Sicily. I want to learn a job for my future.

What do you think will help newcomers?

Do not come by sea because the journey by sea is too difficult and too dangerous.

What do you miss about your country?

My parents and my friends, which are the most important things in life.

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