From Libia to France, where you can feel safe

When and why did you leave your country?

Left In July 2018 by plane to reach Tunisia and then took another plane to France. First I want to learn French and later find a job.

Where did you start your journey?

Tripoli, Libya.

Which countries did you travel through?


Why did you choose this country rather than another country?

Because I received a French visa.

What was your principal difficulty once you arrived in the host country?

The language.

Do you have a job?


Do you have local friends

Yes, thanks to sport.

What do you like most in the host country?

The rights we have and the feeling of safety.

What do you do in your spare time?

Cook, sport, listen to music, stroll and read.

What do you want to do in host city?

First I want to learn French and later find a job.

What do you think will help newcomers?

To have an easier access to a place to be safe (for example where to sleep) and where to find food.

What do you miss about your country?


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