Leaving for a better life

When and why did you leave your country?

In the early 90’s, my first husband had died and I moved here to be able to financilly support my daughter in the Philippines

Where did you start your journey?

Nasipit, Mindanao, Philippines

Why did you choose this country rather than another country?

Had friends who lived here

What was your principal difficulty once you arrived in the host country?

Learning the Greek Language

Do you have a job?


Do you have local friends


What do you like most in the host country?

I like how although it’s a quite small country, there are plenty of things to do here

What do you do in your spare time?

Gardening, go on walks

What do you think will help newcomers?

Programs where locals and migrants can interact to better suppport their integration

What do you miss about your country?

My family and friends

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