On the run because of homosexuality

When and why did you leave your country?

I left my country on 09/02/2020 for homosexuality because I am homosexual and it is strongly condemned in my country of origin Cameroon

Where did you start your journey?

Cameroon Douala

Which countries did you travel through?

 I left Cameroon directly and my story is too long to explain

Why did you choose this country rather than another country?

I never had to choose Cyprus and I just wanted to be where I will be protected and live my gay life but on the contrary I still have no status and I really need your help

What was your principal difficulty once you arrived in the host country?

My integration with a foreign language

Do you have a job?


Do you have local friends


What do you like most in the host country?

The language

What do you do in your spare time?

I study Greek

What do you think will help newcomers?

Be patient and prepare yourself psychologically

What do you miss about your country?

My father’s grave and my friend with whom I was in a relationship

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